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    Long Island Real Estate East Islip, New York Long Island Real Estate East Islip, New York

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    East Islip, New York is found on the south shore of Long Island in the township of Islip and in the Suffolk county. Located right between Great River, New York, and Islip Terrace, New York. East Islip was Originally called “East of Islip”, the name was acquired in 1890 from the estate of William Nicoll, who purchased the surrounding land in 1683 to erect a family residence. Nicoll’s purchase comprised 51,000 acres reaching as far as Bayport, New York to the east, Babylon, New York to the west and Ronkonkoma, New York to the north. His mansion, Islip Grange, was located near the shoreline of what is now Heckscher State Park.

    East Islip has about 4800 homes and is located within the East Islip School District, consisting of students from Islip Terrace, Great River, and East Islip. If you would like to learn more about East Islip, New York, please reach out to us at any time.