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    Long Island Real Estate Home Buyer Videos

    This video above explains everything from beginning to end in buying your Long island home.

    I am going to leave more specific videos below for more info. Any questions, reach out to us at any time.

    Your appraisal will take place usually in the first couple of weeks after you sign the contacts to buy.

    The appraisal basically tells you that the home you are buying is worth what you are paying for it

    We got an accepted offer on your Long Island home.

    Here are the next steps to get to this home under contract

    when buying your long Island home look into the possibility of working with a Buyers Agent

    This is a video on why your Long Island Realtor needs to be at every open house

    This video talks about Long Island real estate closings.

    I am going to leave a video below of what a real Long Island closing looks like

    This is what a real Long Island Real Estate closing looks like.

    This Long Island Real Estate home buying video is about getting ready to buy your first home.

    If you have any more questions, we are always around for you